Mijito, record this well: At The Magic is in Living it we are love for what we do, kindness in what we transmit and transformation in what we become. I know why I'm telling you, someday you will thank me.

If you want to live magical experiences, you will have to look for where to go. I recommend great options for you to undertake experiences that transcend.

Hello, quick question, is all this "having a great time" in your plans, right? Because at The Magic is in Living it we have different types of tourism to enjoy every moment, come and meet them!

Tourism with purpose

Breathes environmental transformation

Learn to restore and conserve the fauna and flora of ecosystems.

Generates a social transformation

It contributes to the economic growth of local communities.

Live a digital transformation

We offer a unique digital experience of the region’s destination.


What do our Tourists say?

I had the opportunity to go and visit, and I highly recommend it. The attention is great; they are always attentive. Karen was very helpful in everything, and all the islands are very beautiful. But I especially recommend Isla Palma ❤️. We had a really good time

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Getting to know the beaches of San Antero, the super calm sea, soft sand, and playing with my kids to find the best shells and pebbles was a moment of unity and exploration. We really enjoyed that beach

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Getting to know Isla Palma in the San Bernardo Archipelago left me amazed. Seeing the sea on both sides separated by a strip of sand, the calmness of its sea, and the spaces on this island to rest and enjoy, I loved it.

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The tour in La Caimanera swamp gave me a moment of peace and tranquility. Feeling the calmness in the canoe, appreciating the mangroves, raccoons, and crabs was great.

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Undoubtedly, the best fish I've ever had was at the restaurant they took me to in San Antero. Delicious, a cozy and beautiful place.

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You are more than welcome to The Magic is in Living it We welcome you with open wings Ready to start fulfilling dreams?

Types of tourism